If you need to buy locking nuts, then nylon insert nuts are a good bet. How do these nuts work, and what are the advantages of using them?

What Are Nylon Insert Locking Nuts?

Nylon insert locking nuts create a tight locked bond with their bolts or screws. They do this because they have a nylon or plastic part that sits at the top of their design.

When you attach this kind of nut, the bolt or screw initially sticks when it meets the insert. The nylon or plastic then changes shape to allow the bolt or screw to attach completely. The plastic moulds around the fastening.

What Are the Benefits of Using Nylon Insert Locking Nuts?

When you use locking nuts, you want to create a strong connection with your bolts or screws. For example, you might need a connection that can stay firm under regular motion, rotation or vibration.

The nylon insert in these nuts helps make this happen. A bolt or screw might not stay firmly attached on its own, but the insert gives it extra grip. It customises itself to exactly fit the fixing you connect it with. Your thread connection strengthens because the insert holds the top of the fitting.

So, if you need to create a nut and bolt connection on a machine that will move the bolt or that will make it vibrate, then this combination gives you a failsafe. The nut and bolt should stay in position to create a stronger connection.

These nuts also work well if you need to seal the bolt or screw to prevent liquid seepage. The insert holds liquids back and in place. While these nuts won't always work that well in extremely hot temperatures, they are a viable solution for most applications.

While a nylon insert nut conforms to the shape of its bolt or screw, this doesn't mean that you can only use it once. The internal design and plastic material can work again.

So, you can change the bolt or screw or use the nut again in another setting. Together with an attractive cost price, this extends the life of the nut and makes it more cost-effective.

If you think that this kind of nut could be a good solution for your application, then contact locking nuts suppliers like Illawarra Fasteners Pty Ltd. They can help you assess how well these nuts will work for you.