Gas struts have a wide variety of uses, particularly in windows, doors and vehicles. Although they are easy to install, there are a few safety tips that you need to know about when using them.

Don't puncture the strut

Firstly, don't do anything that could affect the integrity of the strut. Gas struts work by compressing pressurised nitrogen. If a strut develops any holes, the gas will leak away and the strut will stop working. At worst, it could even explode. Be careful how you handle your struts and ensure that you do not do anything that could weaken the casing. This includes filing, bending or attempting to open gas struts — they do not need any maintenance from the user.

Use locking struts

Some gas struts can be locked into position for safety, like, for example, when a hatch or window is fully open but is in danger of closing unexpectedly under its own weight. These struts work by dividing the gas into two chambers with a valve that can be closed when the strut is extended to the desired length. This prevents the gas from flowing and locks the strut into position, which can be a useful safety feature.

Do not refill the strut

If the gas has leaked away from the strut, you may be tempted to try to refill it. This is unlikely to work, as the seals on the strut are probably worn down and will not keep the new gas in either. More importantly, refilling gas struts is very dangerous. The gas has to be inserted under pressure, and if the casing has weakened over time or you miscalculate the pressure you could find the strut exploding under the enormous forces within it. It is cheaper, simpler and safer to buy a replacement strut.

Dispose of old struts safely

Finally, make sure you dispose of old struts properly. Gas struts have a long working life, but when you come to replace them you should be very careful about how you throw them away. It is not safe to put them in household garbage, and you should not allow them to be incinerated, as this could cause an explosion. Instead, find out if your local council runs a safe disposal scheme or contact your local recycling facility.

Gas struts are quite safe as long as you use them correctly. Just talk to any supplier for more information about the proper handling of gas struts. For more information, contact a company like Precision Gas Springs.