A turnkey project offers huge benefits to many businesses that need a new location or branch of their corporation. It allows for everything at the new location to be ready to go and begin production or work with no downtime from the main base of operations for construction or development. When the project is completed, the business is turned over to you for your use. There are some things you should know about this transition to make it a smooth one.

Staff Training

One of the things that the turnkey project coordinators do not provide is a working staff. Your staff will be the ones to handle actually operating and production aspects of the new location. THis means that you will need to make sure they are trained and ready to go so that day one is not a loss, but is a productive first day of business. What you need to know about this is how to make sure the staff is trained. Ideally, you will do a walk through with the new staff of the turnkey before it is handed over. Let them see where they will be working and then begin training at the current facility. More hands on training can be done once the turnkey has been transitioned to you.

Changes Can be Made

There is a misconception that changes can not be made to a turnkey project once the project has been completed and handed over. The truth is, you can have changes made within a certain time frame of project completion. Keep in mind, it will be up to you if the changes are made during business production or if you will keep a small crew on site while the changes are made and then fully transition after they are completed.

Site Restrictions Leading to Transition

You need to know that you may have certain restrictions during the final stages of the turnkey project and the transition of any turnkey projects over to you. These restrictions generally deal with an understanding that you will not interfere with any of the quality control, production, or construction of the turnkey project itself. You will only deal with the project once it has completed with only small portions of the turnkey project available for you to tour the facility or bring in staff for them to tour the new facility.

By keeping these considerations in mind, you will be better equipped for the transition of the turnkey project. If you are ready to move forward, consider contacting a turnkey project coordinator to discuss your options and planning.