As a manufacturing plant manager, you know that adequate maintenance of centrifugal pumps is critical to the seamless running of operations and management of costs. However, since increased construction efforts in Australia have created a boom in the manufacturing industry, plant managers need to get the most out of their centrifugal pumps. Part of the strategy entails investing in new pump technology to improve operation and maintenance of the devices. This article provides an insight into some of the latest centrifugal pump technologies that plant managers should explore.

Predictive Maintenance Solution – As indicated earlier, one of the most critical responsibilities of manufacturing plant managers is ensuring that centrifugal pumps are working optimally. To achieve this, plant managers need to know precisely when a pump encounters technical challenges. The predictive maintenance solution (PMS) technology alerts plant managers of the potential pump or motor problems. Additionally, the technology provides a complete diagnostic analysis, which lowers maintenance costs. Furthermore, continuous cloud connectivity allows for 24/7 remote monitoring of the pumps and motors. For instance, when the motor starts to get hot, the sensors in the system pick the anomaly and relay it for analysis in real time.

Mechanical Seals -- Being one of the essential components of a centrifugal pump, the seals around the rotating shaft play an integral role in maintaining the efficiency, reliability, and energy consumption of the device. Traditionally, the compression packing technique was used to seal centrifugal pumps in the manufacturing process. However, since the method must allow acceptable levels of leaking for lubrication purposes, the packing rings tend to lose their volume with time. It is because the lubricant is implanted in the compression packing rings. However, mechanical seals have been introduced in the manufacturing process of seals to prevent the leakage. Other than reducing the leakage of lubricants considerably, mechanical seals also reduce water and energy consumption. Most importantly, mechanical seals require no maintenance, which lowers operational costs.

Active Power-based Dry-running Protection -- Dry-running is an issue that all plant managers are all aware of. Traditionally, centrifugal pumps have always been fitted with sensors that can only detect dry-running, but the sensors cannot shut off the pump in time. The system forces plant managers to act quickly to shut off the pump manually. The active power-based dry-running protection system is a new technology that serves as an ignition source monitoring device. The feature detects dry-running of centrifugal pumps and shuts them off before permanent damage happens.

For more information about these and other options for your centrifugal pump, contact a local supplier.