You should take good care of your car because it is one of your most important assets. Most people build home garages for their cars. They build a shade on a space that is available on their property and this serves as their garage. However, there are more efficient parking systems that people do not give much attention. Due to modern technology, there are more innovative parking systems that have emerged and you may wish to try them out. These systems include the car stackers. Here are just some of the signs that will warn you that you need to get car stackers.

Vehicle Theft

When there are increased cases of vehicle theft in your area, you should consider getting a car stacker. Even a fully guarded community could be at a risk of these kinds of thefts. Car stackers will offer increased security for your cars. This is because of the technological advances available in the car stackers which will prevent anyone from accessing your car. They have warning lights and audible alarms that will alert you that a stranger wants to access your car. Although you may consider your garage safe enough for your car, it could not be the best option because anyone can access it especially if it is just an open space. Moreover, there are some people who park their cars outside their homes and they consider this a perfect parking solution for their car.

Inadequate Parking Space

One of your family members might buy a car meaning your garage cannot accommodate both cars. This means you will have to park one of the cars outside your home or at your neighbor's compound due to inadequate space. This is a sign that you should get a car stacker. With a car stacker, you can park two or more vehicles in the space that could only be occupied by one car. A stacker will lower one car so another car is parked above it. If you also notice that you struggle to maneuver your vehicle in the space available when parking it, it means that the space is inadequate and you should consider getting a car stacker.

Dents on Your Car

There are people who appreciate their cars so much and they would not wish to see a dent or scratch on their cars. Sometimes you could scratch your car when you are trying to park it or drive it from the parking space. These scratches and dents cannot be easily noticed but with time they will lower the value of your car. You would not want to damage your most valued asset because you spent a whole fortune on it. With an automated car stacker, you can easily avoid these minor scratches to your car.