Any business that makes products which are destined for the consumer market need packaging that is fit for the job. Although OEM manufacturers can get away with less packaging, products of any value that will be despatched from the production line facility to distribution warehouses and then onto retailers need to be protected so that they are in mint condition when consumers first come into contact with them. Manufacturers should add to this the need to keep their products in good working order while the consumer takes them home and, finally, unpackages them at home.

If you make consumer products, then you will probably already know that many a typical plastic packaging manufacturer will offer a variety of solutions. Why should you choose blow moulded packaging from the options available? 

Single Piece Packaging

If you want a simple packaging system to house your product as it makes its way from your production line to the end user, then you cannot get a more straightforward approach than blow moulded plastics. The process of making a blow mould package is not dissimilar from glass blowing, and this means that a single piece is created to house your entire product. Air is used to expand the packaging to the exact dimensions your product requires, and the finished package is, therefore, able to offer it complete protection. With no further processing required to house your product, the simplicity of the method allows for extremely cost-effective packages to be made.

Lower Overhead Costs

Although plastic packaging manufacturers will often be able to make other forms of packaging for you, the machinery costs of a blow moulded system tend to be the cheapest. This means that the overheads of investing in the machinery in the first place are lower, helping to keep prices to a minimum. In addition, costs associated with skilled operatives to use the moulding machinery tend to be lower because it is a relatively simple industrial process to oversee.

Quick Processing

Many manufacturers like blow moulded plastic packaging because the companies that supply this type of packaging solution can do so rapidly. Setting up a blow moulding machine for a new product profile or shape does not take long and is more adaptable than, for instance, an injection moulded solution. The quick turnaround plus the ability to adapt designs means blow moulding is often preferred to other approaches. This is usually the case whether a manufacturer requires a high volume of packages to be made or only a few, perhaps for a prototype or limited product edition range.