One of the most time consuming parts of any building process isn't transporting materials or moving the frame into position. One of the biggest delays is frequently caused by the need to smooth the concrete. It can be extremely labour intensive to use hand held trowels to smooth out the poured concrete and remove the air bubbles so that it sets correctly. Most building sites use a lot on poured concrete: there are poured walls, footings, and many other locations where concrete has become an essential building material. If the concrete could be smoothed more quickly it would enable the whole building process to move forward more rapidly, and this is where vibrating plates can help. The time now spent working on the concrete can be put to more effective use by your workers if vibrating concrete trowels are used to quickly create the desired smooth, creamy finish on the concrete.

What can vibration plates do to help?

Instead of spending valuable time smoothing your poured concrete manually you can use vibration plates to speed up the process and smooth out the concrete much faster than a manual trowel. As the concrete trowels vibrate the vibration spreads out through all of the concrete and disperses the air bubbles that spoil the finish of the concrete. After the vibration process has completed a perfectly smooth finish is left behind. Not only is the concrete finish achieved more quickly in this way, but the vibration plates actually provide a more thorough smoothing than would be possible using only manual tools. This finish will remain after the concrete has finished setting. The result is the creation of a perfect finish for your concrete in a fraction of the time it could be achieved with conventional concrete trowels.

Choose the right concrete trowels and get the job done faster

By opting for vibration plates instead of manual trowels you can increase the efficiency of the building process and complete your tasks within time and on budget. Why risk delaying the entire building project because smoothing your concrete takes too long? You can make better use of your workers by choosing to use vibration plates to remove the air bubbles from all of your concrete. If you would like to hire concrete trowels for your next building project talk to your equipment supplier today and find out which concrete trowels would be most suitable for your situation.