There are aspects of tiny home construction that differ from a traditional home. This is primarily due to the factors that go into the size of a tiny home and the travel aspect of the tiny home design. One major aspect that must be considered is proper insulation. There is a misconception that this deals with the insulation within the walls and roof only. The truth is, it spans out to pipes as well. Though you can handle pipe insulation yourself, there are some benefits to consider of using pre-insulated pipes in your tiny home construction.

All Weather Insulation

As a tiny home owner, you will likely be taking your tiny home on the road for either long-term or short-term seasonal travel. This means you may be facing various levels of weather conditions and that these conditions may change drastically as you travel. The change in the temperatures and weather conditions can cause pipes to freeze, to develop condensation, and other issues. If you insulate the pipes yourself, you may be using a traditional insulation foam or spray. This is not always suitable for extreme temperatures. When you order a pre-insulated pipe, you can get it in all weather forms that will help reduce freezing, condensation, and other issues regardless of where you are traveling.

Cut to Fit Options

One of the aspects that causes issues with self insulated pipes comes in with measurements and cutting. If your measurements are off, the insulation may not work as well since it will not cover the pipe fully. In some cases, the insulation you choose may shrink slightly causing further issues with your pipes and weather conditions. When you order pre-insulated pipes, you can give the measurements and ensure that the pipe and insulation is the length needed as well as being cured in order to reduce further shrinking or issues with the insulation itself.

Safety and Protection

Not all of the benefits or considerations of using pre-insulated pipe are weather related. Some of the considerations are related to safety and protection. Insulation protects the pipe from damage during travel. For example, you may find during travel that an item in your tiny home comes loose and bangs against a pipe. This can cause damage to that pipe such as a dent or leak. The leak may go unnoticed for hours or even weeks. At that point, water damage has occurred. Insulation helps reduce the chances of pipe damage during travel which reduces the chance of leaks and water damage as well. Pre-insulated pipe options offer even more protection since you can order insulation that has a higher durability rating that fits your needs.

By keeping these considerations of pre-insulated pipe for your tiny home in mind, you can ensure that you are taking the steps to reduce issues with condensation, water damage, and other issues you may be facing with self insulated or uninsulated pipe. If you are ready to order pre-insulated pipe, consider contacting a pipe contractor for pricing and ordering information.