Apart from stopping water from splashing everywhere, shower screens also serve as one of the main features in your bathroom. Various options exist in the market today including traditional glass. However, Perspex shower screens have proven to be among the best materials that could be used with valid and supporting reasons. Here is everything you need to learn about them.

What Makes Up the Perspex Material?

Perspex is a composition of an acrylic material that is made to be lightweight and can be adjusted by cutting to desired size and shape. The material can be easily fixed on site to take the design that your shower screen desires, and the process involved is simple than dealing with glass. It exists in wide range of thickness, size, textures, tints, and colours based on your desired taste.

Perspex shower screens make use of the lightweight acrylic material in place of glass in shower panels. The screen is usually frameless but can be framed based on your wish to create a beautiful and silk look. While these types of shower screens are made to mimic the look of glass shower screens, they exist in a variety of other different shades. 

The Advantages of Using Perspex Shower Screens

The use of Perspex material for your shower screens offers many benefits as compared to using other materials such as glass. First, being made from acrylic and not glass can make them withstand hard conditions like hits, which would lead to breakages. Therefore, they can serve for an extended period than glass shower screens. Additionally, not being able to break easily like glass shower screens eliminates any risks of injury cuts.

The material is also lightweight, a factor that makes them quick and easy to install in your bathroom. It makes the process cheaper than dealing with other types of materials.

The new generation of Perspex material is supplied in different mirror shades, bold colours, pastel shades, bright and lustre shades. This makes them suitable for any type of bathroom from the contemporary, ultra traditional and modern ones.

Finally, Perspex shower screens are so easy to clean and maintain. You probably do not need any harsh cleaners, solvents, or other types of chemical products to maintain their shiny look. You can easily clean them with cold water and detergents then dry it off with a soft microfibre cloth. Minimal use of chemicals in cleaning hence means maintaining your home healthier with lower toxin levels.